I Hate to count calories

But i am doing it again im desprate to lose some weight i started to have sleep apnea and sleeping really bad just started my fitness pal


Yeah I’ve used my fitness pal app before and I still have it downloaded I need to use it more… It’s so hard to do though


I was binge eating a lot due to my view of external stressors (marital problems, money problems etc)… I joined a TOPS group which seems really helpful and not as pricey as weight watchers. My health insurance also gave me a free WiFi scale for daily weigh ins and a pretty nice fitbit. I walk at the mall a lot more (as a bonus I get to see a lot of pretty young women lol). I guess I could join a gym too but it just seems like they have a lot of germs. I bought a 10lb dumbbell at Walmart and do curls at home with my spindly arms. I dont watch tv or netflix at all though stream YouTube quite a bit.

Losing weight seems to take a total effort especially for people on meds. So far I am down 8lbs since July 1. I have kinda put looking for employment on the back burner until my health is more reliable and my housing situation is more stable. I am a tortoise but that is ok.

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I hope you reach your goals! I track my calories with the app called MyFitnessPal


My biggest diet mistakes had been not getting a high protein/low sodium breakfast plus I was only getting about 50g of protein a day instead of the 90+ I need.

I also ate a lot of high sodium processed foods like “healthy” TV dinners.

0% fat low sugar greek yogurt seemed to help my digestive issues a lot… I think risperdal had screwed up my gut bacteria

If i eat low sodium my blood pressure goes down and I feel more comfortable exercising.

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