I hate this, but I am experiencing a movie like plot

My sleep is disturbed.

For many months now, it has been like f’ing inception every night when I sleep.

Getting kinda sick of this now.

It feels like sometimes when I am in the dream-state, months pass by.

Then I wake up, and all it is ahead of me is what was tomorrow yesterday

So frustrating

Some days I wish the theory of the film where you get stuck is real.

I have had enough doses of this reality.

For some reason, I do not like being treated, or even settled down

There is something in me that always wants to break free, but I lack the opportunity for expression into some sort of craft that would keep me stable


Your dreams last months?

What do you mean, how you lack opportunity?

I find myself incapable of filling my time with meaningful activities


I have that problem too. I just wander through life filling it up with meaningless games, books, tv shows and movies. As I age it gets harder and harder for me to find a girlfriend.


I love the movie “Inception”. I am sorry you are experiencing this phenomenon. It sounds really uncomfortable. I hope you feel better soon.

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I relate to that.

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Meditation is probably the most meaningful activity I do.

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I think you need lunesta, cbd oil 75 mg, Benadryl 50 mg, 1mg prazosin, and 10 melatonin. I was like you. I take all that and sleep like a log now. The lunesta you can slowly taper off as the melatonin helps you establish a better sleep pattern. The Benadryl is non habit forming. The cbd is mixed with the melatonin and relaxes you as well as makes you sleepy with no dependency. The prazosin helps with all nightmares and reality dreams. You will have no realistic dreams or hallucinations in your sleep. This is my recommendation. It works very well for me. @Joker

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