I hate these things.... magazines

I have a sister who is fighting anorexia. She has a friend who is obsessed with these horrid fashion magazines. She tells my sis that life for my kid would be easier if she died her red hair into blond and stayed super skinny like this lovely young thing…

The only thing is… This lovely young thing is Andrej Pejic… who is a man. This is a picture of a man. How are mere mortal females supposed to measure themselves to standards like this if men are going to start looking like this?
I hate the fashion industry. I’m glad he’s doing OK. But to tell women they don’t measure up compared to this…
Please people… love yourself and the brains you were born with. I wish I could tell the world… Ignore this industry, it’s not real in any sense of the word.


A lot of the models are sick with anorexia, but some are just naturally thin. I don’t read fashion magazines, as I have nothing in common with them. They are depressing. A number of years ago a fashion magazine came out called “Mode” which featured plus sized models, I think I even had a subscription. Don’t know if they’re still in business. I have a cousin who is battling anorexia, but I don’t think she thinks she has a problem.

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My new years resolution is to destroy all magazines of this nature that make their way into our home. If my sister’s friend leaves any more of this junk in our house… it’s gone. Burnt. Never to return.

It is really upsetting me lately. I’ve been looking into anorexia to help my sister and the stuff I read, and come across is so sick. The list of things that are supposedly wrong with a normal female body. If you don’t have a thigh gap, or small ankles, or on and on…

The whole child model thing is sick too…

This is an 8 year old girl… why??


That sounds like a good new year’s resolution. I’ve always had big ankles, which has been depressing for me. And definitely no thigh gap.

I like your smile in your photo… If I were ever to meet you, I promise, I wouldn’t look at your ankles.

I’ve now been pondering how many times I never seem to talk to peoples feet.


Thanks. :smile: I don’t really look at people’s feet either

tbh i don’t like the look of skinny women that much, they are all boney and i dont think they smile as much (probably because the are hungry all the time) i like a fuller figure lady not too big you know about average i’d say those women are the best and most fun to be with because they dont care as much about what people think and so they can just be themselves and do what they want,

i mean why would they want to be skinny anyway?

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I’ve been super skinny twice. First time when my immune system tried to kill my bile. It hurt when I sat or lie on the floor playing with my baby boy. My ribs were sticking out and my pelvoc bone stuck out. I looked horrible. Second time was when I got psychotic, I stopped eating. Was never hungry.

Now I’m the oposite. Haha. I have about 15 kg over weight.

I bought the skinny model bit back in the sixties, when anorexia was little known. My cousin had lost weight when I last saw her. I have to say I thought she looked good in her clothes. When I hugged her - she hugged me - she felt like a skeleton.

these pictures are digitally altered by computers to make sure not one flaw is present no wonder we have a nation full of anorexics/bulimics

hi wonderdonkey I was on 200 mg of Seroquel and it stopped working after a while I put the dose up by 60mg and it helped a lot.
ive an eating disorder too, it resurfaced after I sorted out my drug and alcohol problem I go from kale smoothies fish and veg to binging on pizza and well anything I can get my hands on. I had one as a child I was dieting at about 13 years old ALL the time I used to eat a crisp chew it up and spit it in the bin.
maybe you could add some pumpkin seeds and nuts to your diet for protein and extra minerals.?
wishing you well.

Yes these magazines are sickening. I’ve never tried to be like what most girls want to be. I’m unique and it’s always been something im proud of myself for. Even after the SZA I still have my uniqueness. I used to care so much about looks and what everyone was wearing and weight. Now I’m not. Still self conscience on some things.

When I first got Dx’d and was abandoned by husband for 5 month-he moved out of state across the country, I was psychotic I suppose and refused to leave the house except for P docs appointments and work. Couldn’t convince myself to step into a grocery store and ate only what I found in the house.
Lost 40lbs and didn’t notice it until the cops took me to a psych hospital and weighed in at 94lbs.
Can’t say it was pretty. Scared the psych techs several times fainting and was threatened with a feeding tube. Still not interested enough to eat.
Told I couldn’t leave the hospital until I gained weight, but they ran out of patience and released me a couple weeks later.
Seems to be a mind set that got activated and wouldn’t shut off.

It makes me very very ill when I come across more of this…

This is a little kid. Why does this have to happen?

The one that made me flip out was this…

Why would this shirt ever be made in child sizes? Much less put on a child?

My sisters friend tucked a few more of these sick fashion magazines in our home and I’ve just burnt them.

Women beat them selves to look like this, and starve them self to get to this “ideal”
But this blond is still a man.

This is what a man looks like… so how are girls supposed to compete? I’m so sick of the industry that tells women they have to look like this. Think of all the hours that went into making dresses for men.

I totally agree with you. It is beyond ridiculous.

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anorexia and bulimia are by products of the media images that we are all bombarded with even old people are told to look like magaziones are one of the worst culprits by this and compare yourself to a 19 year old brazillian model and feel ■■■■ for about 2 hours no i shant i shall eat my pizza and enjoy it.

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