I hate these cool days


Dr zen how are u… ??? Are u married…!!!

I’m fine sarta I’m get a bed to day, been sleepim on the floor

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Long nights and short days make the time go so much slower.
Being trapped inside makes it so much more miserable too.
Like right now I can hear someone drilling/ cutting into my house in the other room-
Oh looky, the ratero’s are back!

best buy some trips

I’m going to booby-trap the rooms with fishing line so it cuts their sticky digits off.
Sounds like their cutting into my safe- not tio worry, I filled it with worthless trash I picked up off the ground years ago…
Nothing worth a darn in it- hahaha.

Yes it’s been very cold here. Can’t get out. Getting cabin fever. I watch movies, eat and stay under my heated blanket a lot.

We’re having about average weather here in Oklahoma. Maybe a little colder than usual. For me, January and February are the dreariest months on the calendar.

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