I hate the feeling of being spoiled but it’s good when

It’s Ice cream that you’re being spoiled with.

Yesterday my friend was like I’ll buy you fried ice cream if you take me to the Japanese restaurant. Well it was a double sized order. Chocolate AND vanilla. And it was so good. I didn’t have to pay a cent other than the gas money to drive there and he gave me fried ice cream and took care of the bill. He offered to buy me more but I was good with the ice cream. He had sushi.

I just hate when ppl buy me stuff I feel don’t deserve…unless it’s ice cream.

Usually when my parents take me out, I get the cheapest thing I like On the menu.

It’s contrary to my friend who loves being spoiled.

I moreso like being EVEN.

What do you prefer

  • Spoiled
  • Even
  • Spoiling others

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Because I feel we all have a preference and there’s nothing wrong with any choice unless maybe it’s too excessive

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Lately I’ve been more needy with money because I spend extra $200 a month on cc bills. But I still hate the feeling of being spoiled. So when I get my next check I’m gonna take my parents out to dinner to the new fried southern chicken restaurant because it’s cheap but they’ll really appreciate it.

I prefer spoiling others. Maybe subconsciously I dont feel i deserve it or something.

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You do deserve it man. You’re such a great guy and you’re greatly appreciated. :+1: If you ever came to New England come over I’ll take you to Pepe’s pizza and spoil you on a large pie of new havens finest!!!

I do feel the same way though. That I don’t deserve it. Thanks again. @everhopeful

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