I hate the 4th of July

I normally am a mess around the 4th of July when the sun goes down as fireworks go off and this year I’m gonna start having my ear buds (wedding gift) in my ears playing music as long as I can… I’m afraid I’m gonna have to wear them to bed… I mean they are comfortable enough I probably could but it still sucks all in all I HATE the 4th of July I love America but the 4th of July sucks for me


I don’t mind the fourth of July itself so much as I do those people who set off fireworks on the days surrounding the 4th and like in the middle of the night when people are trying to sleep.

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@Bowens the fireworks makes me hate the 4th of July I wish people took people with PTSD into consideration


@Twialine I’m sorry honey, that must be really hard on you

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I can relate because I hate either the fireworks on Chinese New Year eve. That drives me crazy.

Usually combat vets have PTSD with fireworks bcuz they sound like live mortar shells going off, what’s your PTSD from?

I didn’t know that the 4th was so strenuous for some people. They say that optometrists dread the 4th because of all the eye injuries.

Do other countries have a fourth of July?

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Fourth of July is good with friends…

I remember the last Fourth of July I was in the hospital and I could see a bit from my window. It was nice

I had a gun pointed at me and a gun shot at me by one of my ex’s

i don’t like the 4th either, once i’d seen a firework show a couple times, i was over it. now it is just something that the idiot neighbors enjoy as they light fireworks at 2 in the morning while im trying to sleep. same as new year’s eve, they also light off fireworks at midnight.

its a sunday enjoy some bbq

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It’s scary to have a gun pointed and shot at you. Did you tell police? What happened?

@Zannah not until about a year later when I lost my child to child protective services because my ex broke her arm I went for a protective order

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That’s very traumatic for sure. What types of therapies have you tried to help overcome the fear?

@Zannah I’m not sure the types but I’ve have a lot of different therapists

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I was in Afghanistan in 2009 clearing routes for IEDs. I HATE fireworks. I usually drive out into the middle of nowhere on July 4th and wait till the fireworks are done. :angry::angry::angry:

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Ok. I hope you find something that helps. Keep talking to your dr and therapist and don’t give up. I have ptsd too. I understand how triggering and frightening things can be. I think the headphones is a good idea.

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@GrayBear wish I could but fireworks go off for a week before the 4th around here

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@Zannah thank you

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