I hate schizophrenia

thats the most important thing for us,to enjoy our own company and do the minimum to content and belive in happiness.

Love that dirty old man’s poetry.

I have 2 brothers (including a twin) who are better at everything too. I sympathyze. Here’s the problem. Everybody likes success stories and happy endings which is something we don’t tend to have. Maybe if your brother has kids you can still be a positive part of their lives. I can say that about my nieces for the most part. As long as your physical health holds up you can work some as well. And although it probably won’t fulfill your fantasies you might be able to talk to attractive people at work (it’s unlikely you’ll have a romance but if you see an opportunity it’s better to try and fail than to always wonder like I do what they were willing to put up with. As you may notice there are stay at home spouses on this website male and female.)

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