I HATE people

It’s not that I don’t wanna be sober

It’s just I don’t belong here

Something went terribly wrong

In the past

Now I’m stuck here

When I’m not supposed to be

I hate people…


Whatsup?! 151413

Ok some are cool but they’re outnumbered greatly. I’m sure I’m not alone here…

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I just feel I’ve never and never will fit in anywhere.

I get high to numb the feelings of not belonging

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I feel the same way but for different reasons. Sz has made me pretty awkward to be around. I like to keep to myself and not talk.


There’s an unbelievable amount of arsholes out there.

I know your pain


Sz sucks…!!!


Thats earth…bad people…good people /bad people…everyone must be bad

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A big hug for you, gratitude!

Find purpose when building relationship with others. I just belong to a small group of people.
When you look outside the window, people are like just you and me, completely strangers. It is normal they care less for others, unless it is their duties (policemen, security guards, salesmen, etc).

I think people are defined by common interest. Real friends, however, are more than sharing a common goal, it is the quality of love that unite real friends together.

Sorry for long reply.


Don’t let the pain affect your long term sense of things bro… you’re just irritable or facing long term frustrations.

People aren’t going to change… I mean I don’t like dealing with them a lot of the time. Especially when their limits are screaming in my face… but to hate them is something that will only damage your sense of life.

Don’t let them taint your cake… even if you’re down to just a few bits. Imagine the water flowing or the majesty of the wind… the epic and awesome cosmos beyond this earth… how this one plan alone seems to be able to outshadow what’s out there when those appropriate moments of immersion set in.

People are funny man… it’s a triumphant thing that we have made it is this far… (You included.)

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I hate SOME people

Don’t let the SZA diagnosis get to you @Jonnybegood.
You will see better days.
I promise.

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But what is ‘belonging’? It’s like the term ‘normal.’ I honestly don’t believe it exists, and if you do then I think not fitting in can be a strength in itself. You not belonging can give you empathy towards others, you know how it feels. Not only that, but it can also open up your own mind and of how you view things. If you ‘belonged’ you might not know half of the stuff you do now! Anyways who says you’ll never belong. Life is a journey, and I think you just haven’t found the right group of other journeyers. (If it wasn’t a word, it is now.) I think you should hang in there, and keep looking, if you stop and give up, then you for sure will never find the people you feel you connect with.


That’s right! We stand out! I’m with you on this!

But it’s a good thing.

On earth its now allowed to help others. People are serving that rule very well.

I love people, but I’m scared of them, since thought broadcasting makes interactions with them bullish-t.

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I’m feeling a lot better now…


I’m really glad to hear it