I hate myself

I hate my life I hate my job I hate

If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect someone else to love you. :sauropod::sauropod::sauropod:

Maybe a person who hates herself too

Blah blah blah better say what a great person I am really ?

I’m sure you are a good person. :wolf::wolf::wolf:

That would be a toxic relationship :zebra::zebra::zebra:

What ever if she is hot :joy::no_smoking:

You are what you think, and what you think is what you remember. Think good thoughts.

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Who taught you to hate?

First off, you need to be a bit more discerning an observer of your internal mental life. I suspect that it is only a part of you that hates you. A very vocal part, but only a part.

Further, I would guess that it takes every opportunistic chance to criticize and indict, berate, prognisticate… and the is likely a bias to exaggerate, lie, mislead and distort.

If you can’t contain this internal noise yourself, then please see a therapist.

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I don’t think the answer is self-love, but instead the healthy and proper answer is that one needs to maintain and consider one’s self-respect and dignity. I don’t think being civilized requires love of others, but instead treating and dealing with others consistent with dignity and respect, including kindness and and some courtesy.

Just as a point of discussion, is this self-love “unconditional” love? And what about when you change, as a person, whether by age or experience? Do you love your former self, or the self you are now? It all seems kind of stupid. Love is not the answer to this question.


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