I hate my life and what this illness did to me

imo i think what you describe is the damage that caused your brain tissue lost when you leave your psychosis too long and left it untreated. in that way meds may not simply work or the dose got to be higher or they just dun work because you can’t get your lost nerous back during the time you got your psychosis untreated, that’s the price to pay , for me as well. You should not put the blame on your meds but you ,who took the treatment too late and not putting enough faith to it when it was still manageable.

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Don’t give up. You have so much to live for and work through. This shall pass…I felt like that just a few weeks ago and I’m 39. It comes and goes. Eventually, you will start to spot genuine people in your path and not feel so alone in the world. It’s just our brains that makes us feel separate.

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Had psychosis12322

I was fine till meds

Sadly cognitive symptoms cannot be treated but positives and negatives may be treated with meds.
I know I will never be as good as without schizo.

y u take meds if u were fine?

The sad thing about schizophrenia is it strikes early. We can never know but I suspect a lot of us would be normal, high functioning and even extremely successful people without schizophrenia. Probably the top in our fields.

It’s like God gave us a shitty die and roll.

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Also street drugs can permanently damage and shrink the brain. I learned it in psychology courses and science magasines. They compared MRIs before and after drug use.

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I think cognitive symptoms are permanent, I always had them since having sz and voices at 15 y.o. regardless of meds. Positive and negative symptoms are worse though.


Cuz I just felt like it… nah I’m kidding but I was talking about cognitive symptoms

I see 123234222

I feel u bro132423

I get the slow thing, the first 3 years after my psychosis I straight up couldn’t talk, and when I did it was never the right words and awkward,what you fear others might be thinking can get way over pronounced, from what I’ve read on this forum it seems that pushing through til meds work is worth it over another psychotic relapse, and there is hope, gcar is gonna be a doctor, I felt doomed for years until this forum and reading people that are successful. Take it one day at a time and give your self some credit sz ain’t an easy thing.

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it is due to your residup psychosis

it’s definitely difficult. for me I always wonder what life would be like if I didn’t have schizophrenia/cognitive symptoms that have come with it. In time, I think it gets easier to deal with the new normal. I wish there would just be a cure too though

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