I Hate Modern TV Programming

Is it just me, or all the shows on teevee the same? They’re all about rogue CIA agents, goofy cops, and serial killer hunters. A lot of them also do nothing to promote any kind of education about schizophrenia, portraying schizophrenics as bloodthirsty murderers. Aside from The Simpsons and baseball, I have given up on TV. I don’t even really watch The Simpsons anymore. Do you folks watch teevee? Is there anything redeeming about it anymore? Anything worth a damn to watch? I know there are a lot of people on here that don’t watch TV, but someone’s got to.


I miss the old law and orders. The old original one with the guy who had a face like a bull dog was great. He honestly looked like someone who had seen so much messed up **** in his life that he drank himself to sleep every night. There at the end it became all about murdered socialites.

No teevee for me. I hate the damn thing. But the family luvs it,

Hate it too. My mom is always watching the real housewives of x or x or the brenners or whatever else like that crap is on.

I can hear it in my room. It’s a real annoyance as that is the worst kind of TV there is.

10 days and I’ll be in my own place.

That thing never stops running it’s mouth. I call it the yack box from hell. I have free digital reception and not much to choose from in the middle of the day so I have to find something else to do, like sit in front of this computer screen. Can you imagine what it would be like just sitting in one place for most of the day without the TV or computer on. We humans I think are naturally lazy people, like some lazy old dog just lying around on the floor all day. Get Up and Dooooo Something. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Sorry… If I do watch something on the computer… it’s Channel 9 on-line. Or Top Gear.

I’ve been watching more and more America’s Test Kitchen.

I didn’t have a TV from 1996-2012. Didn’t go to the movies, read the newspaper, magazines, books. Stopped listening to the radio in 2000 as well.
I had only my local police scanner to listen to.
In 2012 I started a whole new chapter in my life, that included TV.
some stuff is ok, I now watch the spanish channels. movies and news and tv shows in spanish.
It’s a whole new world.

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I do watch a little TV. There are a few shows that I watch. Most of what I what I watch is very old- wanted dead or alive from the 60’s, perry mason from the 60’s, Adam-12 from the early 70’s and I also watch a show on CBS called blue bloods, it caught my respect when it featured a story line about a murder that a schizophrenic, a college student, and a rich man’s son were the suspects. The main character said that schizophrenics are normally not violent, I would look at the other two first if I were you. The show doesn’t show blood and guts and is not very violent so it doesn’t trigger anything for me.

My tv has been out of order for the past few months. When it is working there are a few things on it I like to watch. I like Law and Order, the history channel, the science channel, and the military channel. Of course, most of that kind of stuff you can get on the internet.

IDK Game of thrones is an awesome show. One of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen.

I tried watching that show, it triggered so much I had to turn it off.

I’m OK with watching TV now, but I went through a period of not watching it.

I like watching dumbed down tv now, I don’t really watch anything too heavy. I do spend a lot of my time resenting seeing high functioning people without schizophrenia on TV. Like tv presenters, I just envy how high functioning they are, and how much money they must make.

The flip side is the Jerry Springer show, which I watch and realise that people without schizophrenia can have serious problems too. And fortunayely/unfortunately that show makes me feel better for that reason.

I dont watch a lot of TV - I mean I watch CNN from time to time - I like some of their specials.
I do watch Game of Thrones and dont find it triggering - I will watch a few shows on HBO or Showtime.

I find that TV is a vast wasteland - lots of junk on, a lot of the stuff I find triggering, so I dont watch

I keep my tv on 24/7 even I leave my apartment, I keep my tv on. I just turn it down and when I sleep I turn it down lower. I do try to monitor what I watch, though. It could contaminate my beloved cat’s sensitive mind. I do not necessarily like the way people with mental illness or portrayed on tv. It hurts and is so not true! All you need do is see what we write on this forum. However, when you live alone, sometimes the only human voice you hear comes from a tv set. Maybe, this is a sad comment on contemporary society.

I agree, most TV series are horrible. I recommend original series by AMC or HBO though, they are very high quality. I especially recommend breaking bad if you havn’t seen it yet.