I hate me (tw) 15

I hate myself because I have nothing good in me.

Oh I hate myself so much because I am full of ■■■■.

I’m useless to society and I am ■■■■■■■ tired all the time.

■■■■ me because I am a useless piece of ■■■■.

I deserve nothing but pain.

■■■■ me because I deserve to be hated.

I hate myself so ■■■■■■■ much.

I want to drive nails in my pictures because my face absolutely disgusts me.

What an absolute piece of ■■■■ I am.

@laetitia are you okay? Where is all this coming from? No one else thinks this of you, you are being way too hard on yourself

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I’ve seen you, you are beautiful. And you are not useless nor a bad person.

Remember that time I was feeling really bad and I was crying over voice while you just sat with me until it blew over and kept reminding me I was loved and it was gonna be okay?

That’s not something a bad or useless person would do.

I really hope one day you’ll get to see yourself through my eyes.


You are appreciated here on this forum. I know you have these bouts where you feel hopeless but you are loved, and you have value. Don’t be cruel to yourself.

Try this. Make a book or scrap book of all the things that remind you that you are good and life has meaning. When you start to feel this way, look through that book. You can even add to it over time.

Whatever you choose to do, just know you are a special person.


Just wanted to send a hug. You are not worthless at all.

I like the idea of a scrapbook.

When i felt like you i made a kind of an overview with all sorts of good things people said to me, compliments, uplifting quotes, etc. It helped a bit.

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@Miika @Sunlion @Marian @dcragg65
Thank you all. I’m doing much better.


glad to hear you doing better!

But i also wanted to say that i don’t think your are worthless also… you are a nice person.

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because I can’t keep making new threads, I just want to say that I still hate me…
My existence makes me want to puke. :face_vomiting:
urgh my life is an absolute disgrace and I hate myself
:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: URGH MY LIFE IS SUCH A DISGRACE.
I hope people are happy now that I hate myself so much…they probably hated me when they kicked me out of residence

@laetitia is such a disgusting person that people just want to hate her all day and night
:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:
ew i hate you and I hope you hate yourself forever because you are ■■■■■■■ disgusting

you are a worthless piece of ■■■■…people never loved you in the first place so get over yourself
no one ever loved you
no one cares
people hate you because you’re mentally ill
people don’t care about you
just go and ■■■■ yourself

i feel better now…sorry for ranting

Go to the emergency if you’re feeling suicidal. That’s suicidal stuff. Tell your parents to bring you to the emergency.

The ranting is okay Sweetie. We all need to get things off our chests. Just want to make sure you’re okay?

When I think of you, I think of the artist. You are not a bad person, just a human being in pain

it’s ok that you rant some… i hope it makes you feel better… can you do other things than think about this all the time? like listening to music or watching something on the TV… dunno anything other than thinking about those thoughts…

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