I hate it when voices claim to be people you know

So I am prone to OCD related oculogyric crisis when my voices get noisy. It can trigger a compulsive eye roll, with my eyes flicking upwards, hindering driving and functioning. While in psychosis some of my voices would claim to be friends and family. They argue with my other voices and sometimes appear to intentionally trigger my eye rolling with this.

So I went to a lovely restaurant with a friend tonight who one of my voices claims to be. It was a delightful evening but afterwards on the way home my voices started up again . sigh It’s so distressing thinking your loved ones hear your thoughts and judge you.

It’s better on medication, but upsetting none the less. Used to distress me so much when my voices were loud and unavoidable.

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Mine do that too but over time I noticed they were never concerned with what they were doing at the moment, or things that didn’t have to do with me, but instead focused on my memories of the past and what I was doing at the moment. When you really think about it that’s not too realistic.


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