I hate it when this happens!

When my husband and I have an argument and I get into yelling mode and then he has a seizure. Then when he comes to then we play blame game - who was at fault causing seizure when it was neither. I get angry at myself because I feel it was my fault. Then I get upset because he will think it’s my fault.

I wish these fecking seizures wouldn’t be involved in our arguments. It doesn’t always happen when we argue but when it does I get so upset! I’m afraid he will blame me and I get angry at myself.


That’s not okay. Like it sucks that he has seizures, but it’s still incredibly manipulative to blame you, especially if he knows it makes you feel bad. It takes two to tango as far as an argument goes, so both of you need to work at the problem. You should try to keep from yelling if that’s a known trigger, but he needs to quit blaming you when he knows full well that seizures can be triggered by any number of things, including he himself being fired up and angry.

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I agree entirely. Seizures are not your fault. You can’t just never bring up issues out of fear of causing seizures. I think he could benefit from therapy to learn how to manage his stress levels so he doesn’t have a seizure because of a disagreement. And during arguments, you can both take the time to pause and work on communicating rather than fighting.

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