I hate it, i really do

When one posts and no one bothers replying and then when you say you’re upset in a separate post you get the sympathy replies, but still no one replies to the original, ignored posts. It’s a pile of false crap .

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its life :frowning: .

That’s not directed at anyone here.


The annoyances of this place run deep, deeper than deep actually, for us all i think.

Some places are very cliquey and if you’re not part of the in crowd…

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i try to respond to as many posts as i can…hope you have a better day.
take care

I jump on the bandwagon sometimes. I’m so used to being outside the crowd it gives me a sense - though false - of belonging.


it does get annoying to be quite frank.

everybody has crap days…sounds like your having one…your other posts seem so kind…take a breather and share one of your recieptes…(spelling)