I hate it here

Please talk to me I hate this party like anything i want to cry

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Iiiiiiiiish! Parties can be rubbish. Do you drink at all?


sending you a :heart:
take care :alien:

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I drink but I can’t stand this now

whats wrong? (Fifteen char.)

The fact thT I forced myself here and I don’t do parties I just don’t do parties I drank a bit but it has not helped

Well, have a drink or two, see if you can spot some guy or two guys on their own, then fake a smile and go talk to them/him. Just say hi with a smile. Introduce yourself with a handshake. And a smile.

Ohhhhh come onnnnnn… Loosen up a little! It’s a party! Go have a margarita and then dance!

Yeah, a margarita. Are your work colleagues anywhere to be seen? Who cares, there’ll be plenty of guys and girls waiting to talk.

I’m going out to dance now, I’ll be thinking of you! If you want you can imagine we’re dancing in the same place and you can loosen up a little :smile:

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I understand. Parties can be really, really hard. I’m betting it isn’t a lets all dance on either. If everyone is dancing it’s easier to just watch you phone and look bored till someone comes and rescues you. Or not. Either way you can just play with your phone and act bored. It’s way tougher if it’s a social party where you just talk. I always end up on the fringe of some group just listening and waiting for an opening to say something but that opportunity never comes.

Is it possible for you to just leave the party?

find a guy @anon80629714


That isn’t the solutions to life’s problems zen.

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Get drunk and naked and throw stuff!! Be remembered!! :wink:


Did things improve at the party?

Arggh my crush was speaking to another girl so at least now I know to not keep my hopes up :frowning: heartbroken


This is the best scenario to have revenge sex


Kidding :santa: Go talk to him… Everybody talks to everybody. Doesnt mean anything at all

He asked me how my evening was and I said great he said you don’t seem convinced of that. And told me to have a good weekend just before I left. And see you Monday. Then he went back talking to that girl Like i said heartbroken

agree with Patrick…liquid courage… then hijack it, take hostages, sing your ransom. then you get the guy