I hate how schizophrenia ruins a good time

The holidays are fun and i love seeing my family. Im just mentally exhausted after a couple hours. My brothers and sister all have kids and they are so cute but the noise is just overwhelming.

At one point during thanksgiving dinner i thought i was gonna get paranoid and have to hide the rest of the time. But i hid in my brothers room and watched tiktok and felt better.

Ao i hate how schizophrenia can ruin a good time. But in small doses i can still have fun with my family


Yeah I get burned out pretty easily too. I had to leave early from my niece’s wedding, because my back was sore and I was just too tired

It is a bit of a ■■■■■ sometimes


Yea it does ruin a good time a lot of the time
Kinda sucks lol

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Earplugs and caffeine lol

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Schizophrenia was having a good time until I came along and ruined it.




I’ve ruined a couple of family get togethers before. I can’t express myself normally, so the best thing is for me to excuse myself from the table.


Yikes. That stinks. I am mostly normal. I get a weird stare when i get paranoid. I felt it coming on sl i excused myself.

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I am really happy i found out Tiktok distracts me in the early stages of paranoia and i can get out of it by watching videos. Its helped so much. The last thing i needed was to get paranoid at thanksgiving

yea my sisters both have kids too and they are nice but i can’t be around them too long though… need to search for rest after half an hour for sure.


Hey, good for you for building a coping strategy!

Its not working today. Im paranoid as hell.

I was thinking the same thing Ive been having fun these holidays but in my mind Im thinking how much more fun i could be having if i was normal and less tired / more social i would be

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Yeah. Normal. What is normal? I get what you mean though. Not so easily stressed out. Whenever im in big groups i always wonder what everyone is thinking. Instead of just enjoying company i over analyze everything. It makes being in crowds difficult

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