I hate having an irrational side to me

Sucks so bad.

Like why do I do stuff when I know it’s just no good really.

I find life difficult with such a strong impulsivity characteristic I have.

Need to learn to weaken it.


Am not talking about binge eating in this case.

Am talking about being addicted to people that want nothing to do with you,

Which is fine,

But why do I have to be drawn to them and waste my energy like that


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Feelings can make you do irrational things. I’m the opposite. I almost always prioritize rational thought over irrational feelings.

Once I learned my mbti type was INTJ-A it all made sense. That’s just who I am.

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Story of my life. Hahaha


Or find a way to channel it.

[ bites @Zoe on the ankle ]

[ pets her cat ]

[ drives off in the Slothmobile ]

:hippopotamus: :hippopotamus: :hippopotamus: :hippopotamus:

[ drops hippos off at McD’s for sneks ]



Haha those hippos are adorable :star_struck:

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I think some of our irrational behaviors are there for a reason. For instance, if people acted rationally all of the time, I think far less of them would reproduce.

Hence the phrase “madly in love.”

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