I HATE Garbage Disposals

Everytime i turn one on all i hear is “stick ur hand in it stick ur hand in it.” And its super ■■■■■■■ annoying and scary because i don’t want to stick my hand in it but its like listening to a sirens song. ■■■■ garbage disposals their evil.

I’m in love with my trash compacter.
How’s school going?

My garbage disposal quit working in 2012, along with everything else, but,
I don’t care,
I didn’t use it anyway,
so there.

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Schools pretty good just got down with the first week. My classes seem pretty interesting actually.

If you hate your garbage disposal… and you’d like to do something for the environment…

State of N.J. has some great composting recourses. If it’s a food that can go down the garbage disposal… it can go in a compost bin and get picked up with the trash.

For me… I hate the sound of constantly running faucet water. It’s too tinny and loud.

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We often perceive cluttered noise as voices. Maybe it’s the noise of the thing- for example, I remember vividly hearing any ambiguous noise as voices about me before I got on meds- like birds chirping at like 5am or the air unit in my backyard.

Now I hear people in crowds like cafeterias and places like that all talking about me. I guess it’s either stay at home with headphones on or take meds and do other things. The meds reduce it an make me not really care, which is interesting, they don’t cure it they just make me not give as many ■■■■■ or shits.

Mmhmmm looks like I am an addict

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I hate the deep fat fryer as I feel that somehow I will stick my face into the boiling oil.

Take care kate xxx

See! It’s not as bad as you thought it would be, isn’t it?

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