I hate crybaby music

You can’t touch me. I’m already exposing myself to Right Said Fred remixes via forced eyelid openers ala A Clockwork Orange. I’m about to clap my hands over my ears and deafen myself preemptively, so nyah!

As someone who listens almost exclusively to “screamo”, you have the lyrical content completely wrong. It’s actually a minority of songs in those genres that are about that stuff.

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i think its important to have those types of songs available for those who are experiencing similar emotional states and need a way to cope. theres nothing wrong with people liking ‘crybaby’ music. theyre allowed to feel that way, because life is different for everyone and everyone copes differently

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Yah I know I’m being mean and biased I just don’t like the sound of it. It’s just not nice to listen to at all for me

Yeah like how I cope by looking at sexy anime ladies, drinking coffee, taking l theanine, and listening to old dirty ■■■■■■■ tall about beatin the F UCK out of people in the hood while drumming along to it thanks and God is good have a blessed day

sexy anime ladies is a great way to cope!

Also all I listened to In highschool was grunge stuff and emo mathrock stuff so I think I’m just tired of the subject matter personally

They can never hurt you and they’re always cute

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true facts! have a good day! c:

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I was worried for a second I’d have to fuss at @anon40540444 and @velociraptor !



Fast times at schizo high

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You’re just disappointed that if you swang with us, one of your zombie arms would fly off and hit a pedestrian.

I’m hoping there’s some riding crop somewhere in my day. I promise not to listen to crybaby music while it’s being applied.

(See how skillfully I just stayed on topic there?)

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No, I detach them and beat crybabys with them.

You should see my boomarang jaw.


@ZombieMombie…Don’t. Give. In. He just wants his cheeks slapped. I can fling CDs at him frisbee style if you prefer.

I don’t know. Beating someone sounds like a plan today. But my arm is sore.

In best Michael Scott voice: “That’s what she said.”

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I agree. i’m really sick of that whole genre of music where the singer sounds like they’re about to cry while detailing some exagerrated feelings of heartbreak.
I listen to music to feel either pumped or happy. I have enough sadness in my own brain without sound input adding to that.

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And sometimes ya need something that taps that primal rage we all have deep down inside us to burn the world down and laugh at it all.

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Oh noes, not the Perry Como CDs again!

Oh snap. You just won the Internet for this week. I can’t top that!

(Bows down to the Zombie Queen.)