I hate crybaby music

I hate songs that are edgy or sad and sappy and have crybaby lyrics.
Although when the songs take on a happy melody and disguise it as a sad song I don’t know how to feel about that.
Like yeah bro wahhh your drug addiction is ruining your life wahhhhh
Or like how for some reason pop people love making music that “TACKLES HARD SUBJECTS LIKE RELATIONSHIP ABUSE”
I don’t wanna listen to your artsy fartsy way of detailing how you went through some ■■■■■■ up emotional turmoil or something please, just stop itttttt

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I’m guilty of writing poetry and emo ■■■■ myself, so I can’t really talk though hahahaha
The hypocrisy and duality of man is my favorite

I have a friend who’s big into Emo and Screamo. It’s like taking a cheese grater to my ears. Have no idea how she finds it appealing. Then again, I get a lot of flak for what I listen to, so maybe I’m not one to judge.



please look forward to my screamo album this summer in walmart music sections only

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I generally avoid listening to what they’re actually singing because 90% of song lyrics are awful.

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Love your sense of humor! Did you used to be known by another name on here? I don’t seem to recall your name…

No I was vacant for 2 years because I was horribly unwell and almost got divorced and my life was in shambles. Luckily I am recovered with minimal brain damage I joined in 2018 or 2019 I think

Okay, well glad to have you back and in one piece!! :heartpulse:

You can read through my post history if you wish to know my full anime moment backstory of real thug life hours

Just wait until I shadow take over the music industry with my stories and takes of my travels across time and space.
You will not be disappointed

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Funny you say that because that is exactly what i was thinking about rap. The most crybaby ■■■■ ever. Most emo music is not sad in my experience. There is mainly positive stuff it is very related to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex part of the brain and seeing faces and your reaction to that and it ties in great with the music when you have some picture or pictures or music video to watch along with it on youtube

Juice world and other rappers who do that are annoying. Rap has gone from real stories and thug ■■■■ to cry babies doing xanax and being sad their gf broke up with them

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You need to embrace the remix. It would improve your quality of life.

What’s that you’re saying? My ears are bleeding and I think I am deaf.

You and your awful remixes. Still recovering from the Vanilla Ice remix you sent me. They don’t make psychotropics strong enough to handle that level of trauma.

That’s because you’re a wuss. You need therapy. And a firm hand holding a riding crop.

Do you mean the rock/hardcore remixes of rap songs? There are some cool compilation albums of some songs put together from major artists that are pretty good.
I remember there was a nightmare before christmas album where like all the goth and nu metal bands did covers

I’m IN therapy BECAUSE of your remixes. My hands are still firmly affixed over my ears. And watch me snatch that crop and beat the soles of your feet. Punkazoid.

That’s a good start. Hoping you’ll move higher eventually.

Need to whack your knuckles so you stop sending me remixes. I. Will. Haunt. You.

Challenge accepted. Get the bleach ready for your ears and eyballs, Imma comin’ at you.