I hate celebrating holidays

Whats the point? Looking for an occassion to eat your ass up and intoxicate yourself with alcohol because some dude couple thousant years ago was born or man-made time calendar madr a full circlr and just go wild for it? You know the only time im gonna celebrate? When finally someone cures SZ


I am not Christian and I don’t drink alcohol or eat meat or dairy but I still enjoy Christmas .

Maybe do something nice for yourself.

Give yourself a Christmas gift?

I don’t like Christmas much either. It just highlights how disconnected and dysfunctional my family is.

Being told over and over again for a month “have a good Christmas” by friends, distant family, TV shows, adverts, films, etc. It creates this narrative that we’re all going to this super happy fun time. Where everyone is kind and loving and caring.

The last several years I’ve had a really hard time engaging with my family on Christams day. My three siblings don’t really say anything to me. My Dad doesn’t really say anything to me. My Mum is the only one who treats me like a person. It gives this sensation of feeling alone despite being in the company of others.
This year I told my Mum that I didn’t want to celebrate it. I’ve done nothing but think about killing myself this year. What is there to celebrate?

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I like christmas because it celebrates our christian tradition which the western society is based on. You don’t have to be christian to appreciate values like taking care of each other and having regards for each other.

At the same time I realize that christmas is a difficult time for many. Some people don’t have family or friends to be with at a time when people are supposed to get together and have a good time. This can create a sensation of being even more lonely than usual. Or some come from a dysfunctional home where maybe christmas isn’t so much to look forward to after all.

Whatever christmas is for people here on sz I hope everyone stays strong and makes it into the new year. I have not been around this forum long, but I really appreciate the community. There has been a lot of interesting discussions, observations, arts, helping and supporting each others and other things going on. And this forum has already helped me a lot. I think it’s fair to say that I really like you guys and the way you contribute to the forum. :relaxed:

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Haven’t been intoxicated for over 28 years as it turned out that I have a choice in this department. Looking forward to a few days with the fam with the fireplace switched on, some fancy coffees and teas, and playing boardgames. Life can be pretty good.

Pharmaceuticals for profit will never cure sz. It is not in their interest to actually cure anything. That’s a terrible problem with capitalism and privatised medicine. Until that ends there won’t be a cure to much at all…

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