I hate being mis-read

I hate it when I’m trying to be friendly in real life and people can’t tell. Especially when they assume I do not mean well. I guess we might all have this problem on here.


What i hate is when people think im actually angry when im just being an overly eccentric idiot. I rarely actually get angry. Any anger u see from me is normally fake anger just to get a kick out of people


I don’t know what I look like, but I’m constantly frustrated by people responding negatively to my friendliness. Maybe I look “off”. I also struggle with words so maybe people get confused or impatient. I don’t know.
As I get older, I think it’s them not me more and more. I’m a harmless, friendly person and other people are really jerks a lot of the time.


It’s taken me a long while to realize that people are so put off by eccentric behavior. I didn’t want to realize it.

What kind of behaviour do you mean by eccentric?

I also hate being misread. More than anything. Hate it.