I hate being bettered

We recently had our yearly blood work and mine was a little high about a few things - cholesterol, sugar, etc. Another girl in the house - hers was perfect - all readings in the frame of normal. I HATE being bettered. I hate having to take my place in life when it isn’t the top. But that’s the way it is and it is what it is. Sigh.

I grew up going to the best schools and many of my peers are at at the best colleges, some even have good jobs. I, on the other hand, lost everything. I’m constantly being bettered by them. And I don’t come on here and complain about it to everyone.

I was bettered once…but ive returned more powerful than you could ever imagine, since being struck down…spoiler alert i was dead the whole time…are you really mad about blood work? I dont lose often but when i do fick du and all you love …lol

I gave up being bettered when I intentionally made a first B on my report card in highschool. It went down from there. I found myself eventually in better company.

You just did. I’m not expecting you to do anything about my problem anyway. Just expressing myself.

You’re doing better than me, I’m on metformin now for high blood sugar. Glad to see you’re getting regular blood tests though.

I didn’t think of it but my “rival” is on a heck of a lot more meds than I am, including metformin. Maybe, when all’s said, done and known, we’re all equal.

I was using a comparison.

Sorry, I’m just grumpy.