I hate arguments

So I was sitting here pondering all the things people get mad about, and really the stem of argument itself and I started to think. When you present an idea it’s like proposing the answer to a math problem. 2+2=4. If somebody argues against that you can take 2 sets of 2 pencils and count them as proof of four. The issue is what we perceive is not absolute like math is. When people argue, you can’t disprove their thought without just causing more frustration. People rationalize their argument when people question it, when rationalized the only way to change their argument would mean to change their belief. Well I think all dogs are mean. My dog Is not mean. You show them your nice dog, but even before then, they have to conclude your dog is nice before we go anywhere logically. So when I see people argue on the news, it’s always the same people. Republicans and Democrats, evolutionists and creationists, pro-life and pro-choice, it goes on endlessly when the truth is pretty simple, we disagree. Not because people are right or wrong, but simply because we see things differently. Now undoubtedly there are things that are true regardless the tree has bark- JUST KIDDING. Some people don’t see that bark, some people don’t believe in those “undoubtedly true” things. You know who those people are? Us. Schizophrenics. That’s who we are, that’s what we are. We take what can’t be denied and we deny it. Somewhere the majority vote decided that it makes us sick, it makes us wrong, but if they saw the same world I do they’d see what i do. What’s the difference between an insane man in a sane world and a sane man in an insane world? To argue is to waste breath. Present what you believe and let it be. So now I come on to this form and see people arguing with each other on here, you know who you are. Don’t you know anything we say to people outside of us people would just laugh, call us crazy and ignore us anyways? I come here to take a deep breath and try to see as my fellow Sz’s do. Not to watch us bicker amongst ourselves. Communication is great at solving the problems it creates. What we all want is simple, to feel as if somehow, somewhere, we mean something. I can’t express enough how critical it is we support one another. Everyone here knows the hurt and loneliness a twisted reality brings. I hope that any strife we have against one another we can let go. We have to move through this together. Advancements in media means mostly the dangerous sz’s are the ones getting headlines which hurts all of us. We are all we have. Brothers and sisters in the struggle of life with SZ. I kinda ranted there, but I feel I had to say it. Thank you for your time.

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This is really good. I will try to remember this. Hehe

Two thoughts: Liberty and natures ability to express the value of what they see. That is what it means to be a human being. We are also at liberty to avoid what is not worth value. An example is buying at a price that is higher than what you believe it is worth. You argue down the price, and you get what you didn’t need then because you made the seller’s price lower. Now you are holding something that is not worth much of anything to you personally, and you find someone that thinks it worth twice what you paid.

It is your right to see anything at the value that you see it the same as it is the other side of the argument such as the seller of said thing at a price lower than the original price or the buyer of said thing at a price twice as much as your purchasing price.

This human being thing of saying what we value a thing has been happening for thousands of years. It will never end no matter how much someone tries to stop it.

This is a logical fallacy being used to prove a thing is unquestionably true. People may agree with you, but people may disagree with you even if it is to not care either way about it, and that is all the proof that is needed to show this statement is a logical fallacy used to prove a thing is unquestionably true.

If we scz’s cannot be logical, what is the difference if we are merely irrational normies?

The truth is that logic is necessary for everyone including scz’s, and it is even more critical for the scz’s in my view because of the hardship with the “center of logical rationale” that being the brain.

Nice post. :slight_smile:

I didnt really read it all, but hate arguments too.

Makes me shake. Not sure if its an adrenaline rush… or a mix of fight or flight emotions.

If people get overly aggressive I just shut down. Like “nope I’m out” lol

We see eye to eye on a lot of things, although I was aware of the fallacy I used saying “everybody” it seems most speech that encourages unity is outright fallacious because we’re all different, to call us a whole can be… difficult. But just because a statement is fallacious does not mean the idea it represents is false. The fallacy fallacy? I believe that one is. Dang it man I just want people to get along lol

We’re all subjects of universal logic, and so is everything else here. That’s how we’re all together. :wink:

I… have no valid proof against that statement so I can’t help but agree. But I always feel… Something. Like the world is a sheet of paper and my mind is always attempting to stray off of it. Cosmic consciousness. There’s a book or two about it. When you swear you can feel time itself bending around your thought. Only been in that state once and I always silently swear to myself I’ll be back there, there’s gotta be more than just what Is physically… here. But hey, until I got proof. I’m just a sack of meat with nerves :laughing:

This notion is interesting as entertainment and more so to people that haven’t done much research in their lives. I have never heard anyone that has spent a life time researching everything they possibly could including helping the world solve problems, traveling to figure out other peoples, and taking on as much as they possibly could including thought and philosophies…that ever attests the notion of Cosmic Consciousness.

I wonder what your definition of it is.

In my personal experience I was in love with that idea, but after hard work in the research and writing department here (my home and computer) I don’t consider it a possibility any more. I did not have nearly as much research and deductive reasoning done before, so that is why it was a much more interesting plausibility. It’s just words as far as I can tell now much more informed about my mind, the world of mind, and the logical way the universe works. But that is a lot of work, so hardly anyone is actually going to wind up with that. There will be a lot of people interested in it.

This kind of notion makes for good entertainment to sell as a book or as a pay per view speaker in front of audiences and so forth, and I think that it is almost necessary for people to motivate them, but eventually some of them are going to do a lot of deductive reasoning and research, and they are going to be disappointed in themselves for taking after this line of reasoning.

Often people like this do not give the ability of their brains as much credit as it deserves. In other words they abilities that are simply ordinary abilities without supernatural nana, but they credit these abilities to something or someone else not to their own brain power.

The problem is in not understanding how the mental faculties work and that they are informational “technology” so to speak. Of course in a bio form. :sweat_smile:

If you don’t understand the informationallity and the logic of these mental faculties, then it is easy to fly off of the paper into belief systems about how the reason for their sensations and ideas is from other beings or other people and not of their own brain power. And that is the essence of the delusions that we scz’s experience.

It appears that the brain is just processing memorized information against new information, and coming to a paradigmatic expression which we experience in the conscious strata of our minds. The memorized information is false, so it produces a fake reality.

All people’s minds produce a synthetic reality. Such as there is no color or music or even language like we hear or read it beyond our brains. Our brains make information into language, color, and music.

And memorized false information tricking people into believing what is not real must be real because their brains keep showing them it is real is what human kind is about.

Even the most logical genius who has been researched and studied as his or her personal passion from the toddler phase will tell you that this occurs to them.

I have a saying on my board near me; “The Bowels Are Not What They Seem.” That is a universal saying for everyone. Bowels is an old word for the “innards” which is where the phenomenon of the mind is at. The mind is “inner self” or bowels.

This saying is true for everyone, but if you do not know how that is true, then you cannot filter out what seems true and real from what is true and real about your own mind. It is to live a completely different kind of life the difference between knowing this and always remaining aware of this about our own minds and about everyone else’s minds, and never knowing either fact.

Part of the difficulty for newcomers to logic and how it applies to thinking is just not knowing how or where to begin. Most people don’t want to know. They are either strapped for time, or they are sensationalists who value “sensationalism” as being more important than knowing the facts about their minds or the rest of reality in the same way.

So give yourself credit where credit is due! :slight_smile: It’s your mind doing the thinking and saying and feeling etc and not anyone or anything else. Don’t give away credit for what happens in it to anyone or anything else you’ve imagined. This kind of thing is the oldest trick in the world in order to make people more controllable, and it has worked. And I don’t mean by magic or hocus pocus controls. I mean fooled people are easier to control period.

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Just got to reading that now. Very very good points. I have lots of self reflection to do at work today. Lol

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