I hate analyzing myself too much

Now I’m reading all the dating threads on here and I’m thinking (way) back on my own dating days. I dated some really pretty, nice women. And instead of leaving it alone except to reminisce and feel good about it and play it over in my mind occasionally, now I’m wondering what they saw in me. I had a real pretty girlfriend and she seemed to like me a lot and she also happened to be schizophrenic too. I just got paranoid that she might of thought badly of me.

Ah, screw it. She was pretty and went out with me, no use in wrecking good memories.


Today my ex texted me that I needed to update my pictures more on social media. Like, what. Out of the blue. I can’t wait till I’m at the age where it is normal to be settled. I’m tired of this young people crap


I can emphasize. They’ve been cycling me through meds for the past two years and it’s making me forget my previous relationships. I loved a girl, then they put me on meds and after a month I forgot everything about her.

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