I hate all ppl

why my doctor giving me so many medications? I’m really tired of him and he doesn’t listen to me also my father forces me to take meds however he sees my body ruining, I have thoughts that they put me ritalin and other antipsychotics in my food. they put me in a hospital where they were forcing me on meds. I don’t need help but I need doctors to leave me alone and get them out of my life


If you’re mentally ill, it’s imperative you take your meds.


It seems like you’re under a lot of pressure. I would try to relax and work with everyone. Together you can get to a better space.


That tells me you’re probably a complete nightmare to be around when unmedicated and this is being done out of necessity. Do your father a favour and take the meds voluntarily instead of making him the bad guy for trying to help you. You’re lucky to have him.


I wish i had taken my meds earlier on and not struggled so much. I caused irreparable harm to myself by fighting like i did. Take the meds, you’ll feel better about things


meds really sux but once you are on them after a few weeks you will see the difference in how you feel

just try it maybe you will be surprised

only thing is it takes upto 2 months sometimes for them to kick in

try to stay patient and trust your dad


Eat your meds! 1515


You’d be in a far worse place without medication. You seem to lack insight big time. Hopefully you’ll gain some back as time goes by.

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Haha… That must be tasty… :yum:

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Ummm they are helping you. If you don’t want hundred meds that’s great. You need to speak up and say why.

Eating shiit doesn’t help… Idk.

I hate no. One but everyone hates me. Idk why

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