I handled death good

I was at my neighbors when another neighbor came in and said his father died. For a second everything stopped, but I didn’t have any symtoms, except for a few mild intrusive thought that my hand gestures are disrespectful to the decease.

I listen to the conversation and nod from time to time, I given my condolences to the guy and I’ve move on…

I handle it well and I’m pretty proud of it. Since the suicide of a blood relative, I’ve been kinda weird about death but I am OK.

Hopefully when my loves one die I can be as strong as the guy who lost his father


Yeah well done. We expected for my mum but it was still a shock when it happens. I even shed a tear or two!

We all react differently to stressful events but well done you on keeping it together.

It’s never easy , death. It really isn’t!


I can’t stand dealing with issues about death, I start feeling like I have to act normal until the topic shifts. My intrusive thoughts get shitty during that too, thinking things like “good riddance” in an attempt to not think that. Can’t relax in that setting!

I hate the stupid delusion that Every. Thought. Counts., and if you don’t keep your thoughts pure the voices get shitty on you. F-ck that noise!

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I work in aged care and see death all the time. It is part and parcel of the job. I’ve learnt to separate other people’s problems from my own so it doesn’t affect me.


Good job @anon92220549. Death can be a hard thing to deal with and you seemed to handle it well.


I worked in aged care for many years too so death doesn’t affect me like it does most people. And because of my religion, I’m even rather nonchalant about my own death.

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That’s awesome @anon92220549

I’m glad that you posted this. My niece’s birthday is coming up in a few days. She died of childhood cancer a few years ago. I was there when she died and I’m still trying to get past her loss. Her family has a birthday part for her on her birthday every year and I just can’t go because it causes so much stress for me.

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I’m so glad you could be there for him! I’m sure that was very comforting!

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