I Hallucinate Nightcrawler

  1. I’ve heard noises from where one of my walls is, and beyond it, like there’s more bedroom that way. And, outside, there’s big bushes there.
  2. Hearing my mother on the phone talking to Nightcrawler. He was offered her $130,000 for me, and a “the creature” in ransom. I woke up to hearing this. I think I feinted after.
  3. I heard my uncle on the phone with Nightcrawler, discussing his computer having problems. I woke up to it, then I fell back asleep later.
  4. I also once woke up to Nightcrawler being in the corner of my room, on the ceiling, and walls, then dropping down, and going, “Pst!” I think I feinted.
  5. On another occasion, a mini Nightcrawler, a junior, a son, was on my ceiling fan when I woke up, then I was out again. I might have a feinting problem. The weird part is that one of my fan blades has been bent ever since.
  6. My familiar skin disappeared on a patch on my left arm while my glasses were in my bedroom, and I was in the bathroom. The skin below was dark medium blue.
  7. Changes in my face, and body, which is usually shrinkage to a much smaller size. Or, sometimes my nose grows, and my glasses stop fitting until it corrects later.
  8. I woke up to seeming to overhear my mother saying on the phone to one of our Ohio relatives, “[My Name] was out of her hologram, and refused to go back in.”
  9. A second non-ceiling fan blowing from another of my walls. That space is also unaccounted for in our house layout. There actually should be more bedroom over there.
  10. People moving in my room without me seeing them, usually in the dark.
  11. I was shown a lace-skinned hologram box by Nightcrawler in the dark, and his smartphone-hologram-controller screen was glowing, and I saw his fingers on the phone in the light. He was talking to me about it.
  12. I saw a Nightcrawler/Azazel tail in the dark on my ceiling. Twice.
  13. Loss of the feeling in four of my fingers, six of my toes, and the areas of hands, and feet that correspond. Weirdly, I almost just use those six fingers, and four toes in life, I’ve noticed since then. And, I can’t fathom typing with ten fingers, or playing my guitar with ten.
  14. This one’s out of incident order. The glow in the dark stars on my cieling are sometimes blocked from sight like Nightcrawler’s on my ceiling.

When I’m hallucinating, I think the voices I hear are telepathy from people who came across me online.

When I hallucinate it’s usually about Nightcrawler.

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