I had to terminate my travel/trip due to exhaustion, but at least I went (pictures)

Two days before the scheduled time, I was so exhausted I went home to Copenhagen again after 8 days at La Gomera, bus, boat, bus again and plane and finally metro.

At least I did it, and now I have got a lot of sunshine in my body and some stunning views.

Next time I travel, I will buy a packet with free transfer and everything organized.

Here are some pictures from La Gomera. There is no tourist attractions beside the nature, sun and the hippies who every sunset get together at the beach and drums the sun down.


I’m sorry you had to end your trip early, but it sounds like it was still a great experience

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If I was going on holiday that’s what I’d do.

But it sounds like you had an amazing trip.

Well done on getting there and back!

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Nice pictures! Were you able to reschedule your flight or did you have to buy a new ticket?

Yes @ZmaGal i think it was worth it, but i forgot im getting old (52 years) and can’t do what i could do when i was young, so i learned a lesson.

and @everhopeful its wise of you to buy a packet trip, when you buy a packet there is an organizer in case you are in trouble. Me and my sister had an emergency, she got a severe attack of lower back pain, and i had to find a local doctor who could give her an injection and some morphine.

No, @Jonathan2 , unfortunately i had to buy a new ticket. Glad you like the pictures.


Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. I hope you had a good time.

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