I had to reschedule my medical procedure

They’re going to knock me out with anathesia. But I keep trying to think of something cool or funny I can say to the doctors and nurses right before I go under. One option was to say, “To sleep, perchance to dream”. But that would sound like last words before I die.

Anyone have anything cool, short and funny I can say before losing consciousness?

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I’ve only been under once and the dude put the syringe in and asked what procedure I was in for today. Total blank after that! It was all too quick but I said…Pilonidal sinus! Famous last words! :slight_smile:


Ha, yeah, now that I think of it they probably get a lot of people who say something before they go under. What does that mean @rogueone ?

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I’m awake…15151515

or don’t kill me

Do you like these words?

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It’s a sinus or cavity in your upper butt crack. It gets a hair ingrown and it becomes infected. If it’s bad enough you need to get it cut out. It’s not the most flattering of procedures for sure :slight_smile: .

I had one of those when I was a young man. My primary care physician just cut it open and drained it in his office with local anesthesia. I was awake the whole time.

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I had to have it cut out because it continued to get infected. Fun times at the Circle K!

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I remember when I was 7 they put some gel stuff on my arm. Maybe it was fantanyl. Then I was out. They took ma eyeballs out and and tightened the left eye muscles :muscle: :smile:

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“Of course I’ll see to it that you’re paid for your services.”


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