I had this weird dream with Barack Obama

Again I was just waking up and in this dream Barack Obama appeared and communicated with me … after the dream he went to manage his presidential duties … quite a weird dream.


So Brack Obama is going to be replaced soon … right ?

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I think that’s the general idea. Also:


hes a cool dude any dream with him is a good dream. handsome man, great attitude and a snappy dresser.

I suppose that Barack Obama has been a good President, he inherited many economical problems from George W. Bush, you still remember the chaotic financial crises of 2008 and 2009 and he has been able to make the US economy to recover which has been good for the whole world in other continents.

I think the president in your dream means you’re accomplishing big things… I read about the same dream a few years ago

Hey I have also had Putin in my dreams … maybe this is because I have followed him since 1999, who would the next Russian President be … or maybe Putin rules 20 years more … who knows?

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