I had the mobile crisis team visit

Today i was freaking out about the COPD diagnosis and possible cancer diagnosis coming on Monday. I was so anxious that i was literally shaking and crying. It didn’t help that today i found my mouth and throat encrusted with thrush from the corticosteroids I’ve been taking. My hallucinations were acting up, telling me that since i didn’t commit suicide last month to save the world, they were gonna make me suffer before i die. I was freaking!
So, locally, you can call 911 and request the mobile crisis team. A pair of psych providers came to my place and really helped me calm down. They explained that a lot of the new meds I’m on can interact with my psych meds and increase symptoms. They promised to converse with my provider prior to our appointment on Tuesday, and they’re going to do check in calls to me tomorrow and Monday. When they left i felt much calmer and wasn’t shaking any more. It was a good experience, and i needed to talk to “real” people, not crisis line faceless volunteers. It was a positive experience and I’m glad i called them. Even tho I’m trying to be positive and optimistic about everything, i ,too, get really scared sometimes.


Sounds like you did the right thing by calling them.

I know it’s not easy but try not to over worry about the lung nodule.

It very well could be benign and non cancerous

A lot of nodules are harmless


It’s totally understandable that you would feel anxious and scared. You have alot going on right now, healthwise. It’s good you called when you needed help and that you have access to a mobile crisis team. It sounds like they were very helpful and it’s good they will be checking in with you over the next few days.


It sounds like you did the right thing.

I’m happy the crisis team calmed you down. We have something kind of similar in my city in that the police are all trained in mental health emergencies. It’s comforting.

Take care and be well. :heart:


I’m so happy there is a mobile crisis team.
That’s awesome.

I’m glad you got that good care and support.

I hope you will never be so upset and scared ever again.



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