I had tacos for breakfast, its gonna be a weird day

My husband is at a wedding in Texas this weekend while I put together some last minute stuff for our move.

I’ve been holding it together pretty well,

But now that were almost here, my mind is starting to fray a little bit.

I got like two hours of sleep, ate tacos and weed coffee for breakfast, yelled at my dogs, etc…

Also, I started my period.

The voices in my head are taking advantage of my weakened state.

Today feels very strange, but I cannot afford to just lay around and be crazy.

Any one have advice on how to regain some lost ground and get back on track?

I’m so sleepy and full of tacos.

So many bad decisions made before noon.

What heritage(s) are you? Can’t tell by your pic if you’re Caucasian or possibly part maybe Hispanic?? Mexican food is good any meal any day imo. Nachos are my favorite.

I’m Jewish.

And although tacos are delicious,

I have a very strict routine that pretty much keeps me sane,

It does not involve tacos at 6:30am.

The problem isn’t the tacos,

Its the casual departure from my routine.

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My first thought when I saw the thread title was, “well, you can’t go wrong with tacos,” but I understand the need for routine.


It’s ok I had donuts for dinner last night. Stupid damn weed munchies I’m quitting and going to AA tonight. Today is day 1!! I can’t take this anymore!!



Weed doesn’t set well with lots of people here,

You’ll be better without it.

Good luck, man!

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Psychosis isn’t the issue. weed treated multiple symptoms of mine especially anxiety. But now it just makes me tired, hungry, broke, foggy, less ambitious, irritable the next day, and dependent. So yeah I’m quitting. Was gonna wait a month but why wait.


[ sips second double espresso of evening ]

It was a weird day and my head is fuxx0r3d from stress.

We close at 5 pm. 4:45 pm I get a call from the owner of a trucking company. It’s our LARGEST account. He’s at the auction mart where he just bought 6 new dump trucks earlier in the day with his drivers wanting to take them back to his lot. The auction won’t release them without a cover note, or proof of insurance for the finance company. That raised three issues:

  1. The cover note request asked for proof of insurance for 7 items, not six. They failed to include the 17’ pup trailer they had also purchased earlier in the day and that had to be added to the policy BEFORE I could create the POI.
  2. They just sent in the (incomplete) bill of sale – no mention of financing or Additional Interests.
  3. The bill of sale was made out to the owner’s old numbered company. His insurance was under a different, newer numbered company. You cannot insure something owned by one person under another person’s policy as there is no “insurable interest” – that’s a statutory condition – insurance contracts are null and void without insurable interest.

And I had to fix this in 15 minutes with someone important and angry waiting, no support staff in the office, and my Account Executive on the road and unreachable. I quickly looked something up, it seemed legit, and I had d00d and his posse rolling by 5:15 pm. Got ahold of my AE an hour later and he said I did the right thing.

I’m STILL wound up as the entire day was like that.

[ siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip ]


You win!

I got stoned and painted a picture.

Got some moving stuff done, but not even close to what I should have.

I’m not a very good adult sometimes.

Most of the time.

That sounds horrible, the only thing worse messed up paperwork.

Especially if you are in a hurry…

My AE phoned me at home yesterday evening and told me that my work throughput is amazing, that at nine months in, I’m already the equivalent of two brokers with about two years experience each. He has recommended me for a raise to our branch manager. I only mention this because I’m accomplishing it taking antipsychotics.

Maybe it’s time to trade up the weed for a better treatment that doesn’t destroy motivation as much? I suspect you would kick some arse on proper meds given your functioning level.

BTW, I’m not criticizing you, actually showing some respect for what I think you can do here. Pretty obvious your function is top flite.

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@anon54386108 how funny ! the weed should’ve calmed you down? why don’t you post your painting you did? what a gal !!

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I have an appointment with some fancy L.A. doctor the first week in October.

Things have gotten pretty derailed the last few months with all the changes going on, and the move,

I kept telling my husband the reason I’ve been so crazy is because I’m out of my routine,

To which he informed me that I’ve been like this for a while and need to go back to the doctor.

He usually takes the “whatever makes you happy” approach to my mental health issues and has never told me I need to see a doctor, so I’m taking it pretty seriously.

I have a primary care doctor that’s afraid to prescribe me anything, so I’m really just waiting for my appointment with this other dude to put together a treatment plan.

And I’m totally open to taking APs, just not seroquel.

I agree, I could and should be doing more than getting stoned and doing frivolous ■■■■.

Back to you,

Way to kill it at work!

Does AE mean account executive?

Would you be happy at the promoted position if they offered it to you?

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I might post a picture of it,

Its still drying in the studio right now and I’m lazy.

(its about a quarter mile away and I’d have to walk)


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AE is Account Executive. I’m an IA, Insurance Advisor.

I don’t have the knowledge or skills to do his job, and that’s okay. I’m actually interested in moving into doing training and writing training materials. That’s my background and there’s a real need in this company for it.

p.s. Your hubby is right, see the doc. Don’t ignore flashing red warnings from your support network.

My husband used to do that very thing!

He worked in insurance for a while, then went to do run the training department (also writing training material) for a mortgage company. He did it for years and really enjoyed it. But, Goddamn, it was a lot of work. Its definitely a job you have to enjoy.

How weird!

I may not find what I do all that interesting (it really isn’t), but I’m good at it because I can memorize anything that is NOT when I need to shower next (goddamn it). I do enjoy crushing it at work and being proficient. That’s enough for me. I don’t suffer from the younger, delusional fantasy of “do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Which is crap. If it was FUN, we’d pay THEM to do it. It sucks, which is why they pay US to do it.

True that.

I’m in a creative field, doing what I always wanted to,

And it also sucks.

Because what we all really want to do is eat food and have continuous orgasms.

Even the people that do those things for a living don’t enjoy it anymore.

I guess work is awful regardless.

Yes. I thought being a photographer for a living would be fun until I met Bridezilla. And it turns out that Mother of Bridezilla is even more of a ho bag. And the long stretches between paying gigs eating ramen noodles aren’t fun, either.

I like my day job. I like my income being steady enough that I can get multiple mortgages now and have rental properties so that other people pay my mortgages for me. That’s my kind of creativity these days.


Having decent credit is about as fun as it gets.

Ooohhhh, adulthood!

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