I had side effect from Invega Sustenna

I been taking a monthly shot from doctor ( 1 per month ) 100 mg for 3 months from Jun, Jul and Aug. but a week after my third shot ( doctor told me i only need 3 and I will be ok from my Bipolar Disorder ) i developed blur vision and confuse with badly sudden depression. 2 weeks I start to notice that I went to restroom very often. In one night in every 15 mins or so the I decide to go to urologist and she told me that after the Invega Side Effect was gone everythig will get back to normal. She gave me 1 month sick leave. But from 15 mins going and out of restroom now I can hold for 2 hrs but still its difficult to live like this in a day. I decided to see another urologist cause I was converned with symtoms of OAB. From ultrasound of my bladder proved that I can hold my urine up to 395 CC without rush to the bathroom. Doctor said that no need to take medicine home. I just want to know that this is geting crazy and is this type of injection will go away from my body? Is this gonna b a life in prison?

It will leave eventually. Took 3 months and I was back to bein psychotic with no side effects

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Did the doctor take you off Invega Sustenna?

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Thanks so much for all your reply. My new doctor stop giving me Invega now. I feel bad about the old doctor which I known her for 5 years. After I experience frequent urination side effect I had to search informations by myself from the internet and I did sent those side effect details to her. Its turn out that she on silence with me : (

Now my new doctor gave Lithium to me only to maintain my Bipolar mania and depression.

Thks alot. Hope it will go away soon.