I had my hysteria again this night

I am the worse case of schizophrenia ever met…:cry:
its not fair to have done 7 hospitalizations without any success plus my ■■■■ friend who is ill also living her life without worries only because they help her in the hospital…
I am fed up to hear that she has better coping skills than me. she is just a ■■■■, sorry…

Hi anna I feel your pain I was very ill for q very long time but things can and do get better.
Don’t compare yourself with your friend you are living with a very difficult illness and it’s not your fault.
Keep your chin up.

yeah, I even couldn’t talk, couldn scream in the hospital, I was so fuckingly afraid from everything…why that? I regret it now, the others were all better than me… my mom threatens me with the police right now cause I scream… ive lost 15 years of my life in one bed…

Yeah he hospital will make you mad.
I don’t like those places at all.
Can you contro, the screaming?
Sending hugs

in fact I am on 500 mg of Depakote only. probably I should raise it on 1000 mg (2 pills)? cause I know from the docs that 1000 mg is the right dose, 500 mg is only for maintenance… I have this outburst of rage now…

That doesn’t make sense. If they get you up to a dose that works, and then cut it in half for maintenance - Have you asked the docs about this…did they give you an answer?