I had grapefruit drink on Latuda

I was at a store and they were serving booze so I had a glass without reading the ingredients.

Then I saw there was grapefruit in it. Nothing happened though

I used to drink this beer called Ballast Point Grape Fruit Sculpin

It had chunks of grapefruit in it it was my favorite beer

Nothing ever happened :smile:

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Latuda clearly states I should avoid grapefruit, it interferes with the med.

same with abilify

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I’ll add that my own body weight was 115 lbs at the time that I delivered 9.5 lbs of infant.

are you feeling alright tonight? Take it easy… most parents are thrilled to have their babies delivered safely and normally.


My mom had 5 miscarriages before having me, a blood clot during pregnancy, i had the umbilical chord wrapped around my neck and had to be pulled out by forceps, and I was almost 9 pounds. My mom is just happy that I’m as healthy as I am.


so sorry @turningthepage feels like a miracle to be saved from from a difficult pregnancy. I have some friends who can not have kids and it’s tough. I’m thrilled that I know you =^o^=


How did we get from grapefruits to babies :confused:

Anyway, back to our “regularly scheduled programming”…


Something to do with the heart if I remember rightly. A few of the AP have the problem not sure which ones. Think your safe on the odd bit here as somewhat unavoidable. Main thing is if any heart palpitations to seek medical attention asap.

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