I had almost forgotten about that

Snake eyes. One of my first hallucinations.

Maybe they were of a lion though, who knows, they are so similar.

I sat in the bathroom smoking pot with family and there they were. Out of the corner of my eye the snake eyes appeared, they were on my mother though, she had them.

I began looking at her, when i looked they would be gone but as soon as i turned away they would be back just in my peripheral. Just staring at me, plain as day, i knew i was ■■■■■■.

I freaked out, i told whomever to just stop, they havent stopped in thirteen years. Maybe im just being delusional though, maybe it’s just me being crazy and not the torment of whomever, perhaps i shocked the living ■■■■ out of myself while a face made of light appeared for no reason that one time, perhaps my hand burning was a hallucination and the marks it left was an illusion and the face that appeared yet again was just my brain screwing up.

I want revenge, or justice, either one is good at this point.

“Why do you do this to yourself? Why? Why not just accept it and move on? We aren’t leaving, you’ll have to make do or just die, we already know which is going to happen though.” They say.

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Yeah, I hallucinate in my peripheral the EXACT same way!
I hate it…