I had a weird dream last night

In this dream my childhood friend appeared, in the real life he died in 2006 nearly 13 years ago at the age of 37. In the dream he had a car and we went to different places and did different things. It was so weird that he was in my dream. Then I woke up.

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It must have been nice to see him again, even if it was a dream. It sounds like a great dream!

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Mostly İ can t see any dream since i m on aps.i forget how wonderful feeling that see nice vivid dreams

I typically have dreams just before waking up, it is just so weird that dead people are appearing in my dreams. I have been here over 17 years and during these years over 50 people whom I have known have died, some have been very young and some have committed suicide, some have had illnesses and some have just been old. I wish that no other dead people would appear in my dreams. My childhood friend who was in my dream could have been saved, but he died to alcohol abuse as some other people have done. So sad.

İ m so sorry for your losses

That’s a high number. I’m sorry for your losses too.

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