I had a super day

Went out to lunch with a friend and had a delicious veggie wrap, fries and coleslaw. Then we went clothing shopping at Goodwill where I picked up some much needed clothing - replacing a worn out jacket and two pairs of pants, and a skirt because I haven’t been to skirt wearing occasions for so long that when I used to wear them, I weighed 45 pounds more than I do now. I’m beginning to feel like going to a skirt wearing occasion, now.


Good for you chordy, glad to hear it. :sunny:


sounds like you really had a good time ! I’m so happy for you @pretzel

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I’m glad to hear it. News that someone is doing well is always heartening.

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Gosh @pretzel, that’s so good to hear that life is beginning to have some color for you.
May your good spirit keep on lifting you up.

I like hearing about super days, stable out n about good job

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