I had a stupid friend once

I always knew he was stupid. Then when I had my first psychotic break he left me high and dry after asking for his help. That felt good to vent.

Make sure the same doesn’t happen to you, have some kind of relapse plan in place with people. Don’t rely on them to figure things out.


You can only expect so much from people.

i agree having blind trust in other people to do whats best for you and not for themselves isnt a smart plan you can have an advance directive written up in case you are ever in that situation where your out of it .

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I’ve never had a friend who wasn’t stupid.


smart people are all deranged

everybody has a stupid side. :smile_cat:

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I had a lot of stupid friends. Nowadays I’m selective about my friends and who I let near me. Goes better for me.

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Hey friend,I would rather have stupid friend but have kind intention and not bad in heart.Sometimes people who had bad intention and inconsiderate really angers me

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During my first hours of phychosis I phoned this “friend” of mine to tell him that people everywhere are staring at me and plotting something. He casually told me to relax, take a good night’s sleep and especially NOT CALL MY PARENTS, for it would worry them uselessly.
Worst advice ever.

The guy I was dating, casual friend with benefits, went to my apartment, playing on his psp and just stayed there for about 20 min playing, as he was leaving he said the word “schizophrenia” and shut the door behind him. Helpful.

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