I had a rough night, now rough morning! Good Morning!

Good morning! I always have these big plans to clean and take care of myself when I’m feeling motivated. Then something stupid happens like I become paranoid, or my delusions become prominent. Then I’m exhausted or scared and nothing but the absolute basics gets done. I didn’t sleep well last night. I had bad thoughts instead of dreams because I didn’t sleep much. Now because I didn’t sleep, I’m tired.

An emergency therapist told me to stay away from the forums when I’m not feeling well as reading about others psychosis may amplify my own. I…guess…so?? When I’m not feeling well I tend to just post my own topics and read less but I didn’t realize That I was practicing avoidance until she said that.

Sometimes I wish I was in the hospital because I’m tired of taking care of myself.

Sleeping is so important for us, when I sleep well I am not depressed and I have fewer voices. Sleeping well makes my mind refreshed and good.

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I agree. I can go to bed paranoid but wake up just fine. Sometimes all I need is a nap

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