I had a right to be psychotic

Sorry to hear that.

That’s why I thought it was a spiritual awakening. I had months of bliss. I’ve never been so happy and relaxed and at peace.

And then I immediately stumble across this post like it was fate, and it almost brings me to tears. Which I always feel like I should keep to myself. I can recover.

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I can completely relate. Happy to chat about the experience via pm (because it was religious I’m not wanting to post too much on the forum, but I was also close to God in mine). I miss it so much, I feel like it was taken away from me.

Most days I can’t even look at that word without getting distressed, let alone discuss it. The deity word.

I feel so childlike sometimes.

Religious experiences are a red flag for MH staff.

Although I have and still get them occasionally. It’s made me wonder if people like joseph smith was causing some shared psychotic experience, or was genuinely gifted by the angles!

Either way once your in the system you think of everything differently.

Oh yea, that makes a lot of sense