I had a really good day..

A while back I discovered meth and it brought me the hardest most cruel hallucinations I ever had to endure. I went through withdrawals 6 times in 4 months and got myself into $3500 of debt. To top it off the only girl I ever had a real crush on rejected me and promptly fell off the side of the earth (so she lied when she said we can still be friends aha…).

But today (5 weeks sober), I did an oil change on my car, a bunch of chores, gave myself a haircut, organized and cleaned, went for three hour long walks. What makes me to excited mostly is that I feel totally different. No more constant extreme fatigue, I feel light, and my endurance is acting its age for once. My mind is also clearer. I’m developing realistic short and long term goals.

I’ve only taken rexulti (2mg) for a week. I also take 70 mg of Vyvanse, but I’ve been on the max dose of a amphetamine for about 4-5 years. I think I finally found a med that is working for me. My paranoia is also to a more manageable level, though I still have some intrusive fears.

I’ve tried: invega, ability, zyprexa, and clozaril. All made me tired and unmotivated and did not help positive symptoms.

I hope this lasts, this normal feeling is very Gutenmehflammin.


That’s great; I hope you continue to get better.

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After looking in this pre-dawn and seeing people making bad decisions and having miserable days I must admit your positive post made me feel good that someone was doing well.

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