I had a nightmare.How is your morning?

I had a dream that my house ( which has suddenly gotten very old and filthy)is full of ceiling holes with rats inside. Rats were coming from those holes but they didn’t attack me, and I was scared to death, but I had some poisoning spray which I kept throwing at them. I felt insecure in my own house. :disappointed:
Then I woke up, only to read a local news about car crash which happened at the same route where my mother and stepdad were driving with my kid yesterday.
Needles to say that I called that particular TV station and asked about victims.

Can’t wish better starting of a day.

sorry feel better

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Sorry about that. I had a weird dream too. Nothing so agressive. Its a recurring thing about sea and water. I end up being washed everytime. Almost a nightmare but not quite.
Hope youre feeling better now

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Yeah I usually don’t dream anything so when it happens…kind of leaves me :confounded:

I saw a commercial yesterday for a new medication that cures Hepatitis C. All night I dreamed I had Hep C and couldn’t get to a doctor. My skin turned yellow, and when I went to the pharmacy, the pharmacist unscrewed my leg to pull the meds out of my leg. So I was cured of Hep C but had no leg.

Sorry to hear you had a nightmare.

The last time I had one it was about someone I used to know, and at one point in the nightmare I said ‘how do you explain that?’ and they answered ‘you’re having a dream’.

It was as a result of some meds the doc had me on for something non schizophrenia related.

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The way you told it sounds funny, but I guess it was more than awful.

When I was taking some pills for sleeping, can’t remember how they called, I was getting those kind of dreams when you are fully aware but can’t get out of it… A horror.

It is a little humorous. It was one of those dreams where it’s scary while you’re experiencing it, but when you wake up, you think “What the hell, brain?” When my father and I were going through our rough times, I used to dream frequently that I was being chased through a forest by a huge gorilla. When I told my therapist about it, she thought it was my subconscious running away from a bad person…my dad.

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It is funny…how our subconsciousness works… In that brief moment, when I heard about car accident, my thought was ’ there it is, God finally punished you for all those things…’.

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I had a dream I was talking to this black kid and the teacher goes up to him and says “I notice you only talk to black people…try talking to white people” he says “well I’m talking to HIM (me) right now” and she says “good point, I shouldn’t be throwing rocks at an ambulance”.

What a weird dream


i had a dream about my dad and i remember there was lots of blood in it but i liked the dream funny enough, weird isnt it.

I oftenly dream about my father chasing me around because I smoked weed or went to some dirty old pub.
Also stalking me when I go out.

Lol traumatized :girl:

I’ve woken up yelling out loud a few times in the last few nights. I keep dreaming that I have a gun and I have bad people coming after me, but I can’t find the right kind of ammunition. I find a few rounds that work sort of okay, but I can’t get bullets that work well all the time.

That sucks!
I never yelled or talked while sleeping. Few times I think I cried.

Yelling is what wakes me up. In the dream I’m trying to yell, but I can’t work up the wind. Then I finally get some sound out and that’s what wakes me up. Do you ever not want to go back to sleep after a bad dream?

Yeah, it happened couple of times. Also, if I have to be alone in house after a bad dream…that feels bad.

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Oh do I relate to nightmares. I have chronic nightmares. Had some last night. Had dreams about my letter writers writing horrible letters of recommendation (I applied to six Ph.D. programs yesterday) and then dreamt about almost winning a race wearing a suit of armor when the armor fell off on the last lap. I interpret that as the competition to get into graduate school whilst on medication and the idea of the meds failing me (they’re the armor).

I feel your pain, I’m not being false, I deal with nightmares every ■■■■■■■ morning.

Well I woke up at 12:20 after turning my alarm off at 930 so that’s ■■■■■■ my day up. I missed the gym so I will just study all day and then go for a 5k in my neighborhood tonight. I have to memorize two study guides, finish my reading, tend to two more applications and also prepare for a research symposium tomorrow.

Oh such fun. I would like my morning Geodon to kick in about now so I can just get to work.

Well to be honest this morning is going relatively well, I slept in but that just means that my body and brain needed it. I am feeling less gastric reflux this morning. I switched brands of my morning cigarette I have with my coffee. I bought a pack of perique American spirits instead of Marlboro. It’s additive free and well if you smoke it’s best to smoke the all natural cigs.

I’m just sitting in my armchair charging my phone waiting for Geodon to kick in. I can tell when it hasn’t kicked in. Then it’s straight to studying, then once it has all been learned, it’s gonna be a nice 35 minute run.

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I was pretty intensely studying for past two weeks…and I can tell that you are kind of unearthly creature for being able to intellectually focus on so many things…with symptoms! And nightmares!

It was just that weird coincidence… My dream…rats are scary and deadly…then a car accident…same road, three persons dead…

I’m sorry you had the nightmares. Just try this when you wake up–immediately go to a comforting habit. Mine is coffee and a cigarette. Now smoking is bad but one a day is a lot less bad than two packs a day. Caffeine will help clear your mind of the nightmares.

And well that’s flattering to say that you don’t see how I do it, but keep in mind that I don’t do it alone (I see a psychiatrist and psychologist) and I’m also studying psychology myself. It enables me to function. That formula does not work for everyone. It works for people who are not only intellectuals but rather…headstrong intellectuals (yo, schizophrenia and PTSD! I’m gonna learn your anatomy so I can better tear you apart!)

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Thanks Mouse.:heart:
In many ways, you gonna save many of us from this festering pit we’re stuck into.