I had a nightmare and then I freaked out right when I waked up

I had a nightmare and then I freaked out right when I waked up, but I feel a little bit better. I’m still waking up now. Then right when I waked up I thought I was delusional, that’s why I freaked out. I even got suicidal. I don’t really remember the nightmare, but somehow it caused me to think I was delusional.

I can’t believe it I am still suffering my butt off…because I’ve already been suffering my butt off.

I’m calming down a little bit now.

On top of all that I have to talk to my pdoc in 40 minutes, I hope I will feel better by then.

My heart is pounding now. I keep freaking out and I don’t know why?

Are you feeling anxious about the appointment?

A little bit, but it is mostly because of that dream…and I thought I was delusional.

ok, I’m waking up now…and I feel a little bit better now.

I’ve had dreams like thar where I think im delusional and then I wake up and feel so relieved…

oh, I understand…15151515

I just finished talking to my pdoc. I explained to him about this situation. I feel a lot better now. :smiley:

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Thanks wave…

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You are welcome buddy, glad your feeling better.

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