I had a glimpse into reality and it wasn't pretty

I get these little epiphenys occasionally where I see how the world really works and how people really are but I have to bite my tongue and pretend I don’t know it.


Do you mean you get a glimpse of someone’s true nature and you have to ignore it? I have to do that with one of my sisters, more than a glimpse though and it isn’t pretty.

Yup! Problem is the little puffs of steam coming out of my ears give me away every time. That and the deathray “stink eye”. Guess I wouldn’t be a good poker player.


Do you mean you get a glimpse of how healthy and functional “normal” people are and then you go right back to your usual way of being and assume (yet again) that people acting that way are somehow ill themselves? This happens to me every so often. I formed delusions during my psychosis that most people are crazy (not me) and I guess they partially still linger…

Yeah, most of that is how I feel. I don’t always think everybody is crazy. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

I honestly think we have this delusion to protect us from getting too upset about our more or less lifelong illness situation. *Assume on some level that everyone else is crazy, don’t feel so bad about your own

I have to try my hardest not to think about the world, government control, pollution, the dying planet, horrible people hiding behind fake smiles, etc. I get overwhelmed and my brain gets a little crazy.


People can be amazingly bad, and they can be amazingly good.