I had a dream about my mother

I had a dream that I was at this table with my mother. It was like a long scientific table with gadgets all over it. We were playing some sort of game with some random people, I don’t remember who. The game was odd. I remember it had to do with collecting items like little trinkets and cards like valentines day cards. I especially loved the valentines day cards. My mom seemed to think they were worthless, but I would always open them and read them whenever I would get one in the game. She would get a little impatient but she would catch herself and say “no that’s ok, It’s just ‘Leaf’, she can have it”

But the game was like poker in a way too. So money was falling on the ground and I climbed under the table to collect it. I realized some went under the floor so I went on the other side of the wall and under the floor to get the money that had fallen. Where I found, in the dirt and grime, rolls of coins, plus loose change and as I kept digging I found these little bags. When I unzipped one of the bags I found out it was an emergency blanket. I started to come unfolded before I could stop it. I couldn’t fit it back into the little bag. I brought it to my mother to fold and put back into the bag and she folded but because her arthritis had gotten so bad she couldn’t get it back into the tiny bag. Just then my ex ex’s brother (Uncle Tom) happened by and my mother asked him to put the blanket back into the tiny bag. Tom said “oh boy, those are hard to get in there once you take them out”. Then we talked awhile about how this isn’t the first time I took one out. I fell for it once before when curiosity got the best of me and the same thing happened and I never did get the blanket back into the bag.

That’s it. That’s when I woke up. Weird right?


Hah, interesting. I once had a dream where Bradley Cooper and I were playing mini golf on a course surrounded by an impassable electrical fence. There were food stands and weird half-animal half-human creatures operating them, a giraffe person was holding out a crinkle cut french fry with grape jelly dripping from the end of it. I was terrified the whole time. Dreams are crazy right?

Yours doesn’t sound too scary though. Some people like to try and interpret them to see what they mean, I think that can be fun sometimes.


My sister just spent 1/2 hour trying to interpret my dream to no avail. It’s a weird one. Yours is pretty strange too.

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I have a recurring element in my dreams where I’m in my car but I can’t control it… the brakes will be out or I’ll be unable to steer correctly. A lot of people would say that this means I feel like I have a lack of control over my situation.

The part about the blanket being unable to fit back in the bag reminds me of the trip I just took, I packed my suitcase full and went up there, but on the return trip I was unable to get it all to fit and had to pack some in a separate bag. Maybe it means you have bit off more than you can chew. I’m sure the money means something but I don’t know what.

I hope you don’t mind me postulating, I’m a little bored and I really like discussing dreams. Most people get bored by them when I tell them though… I think they’re cool.


It’s great. I did bite off more than I can chew!!! You’re good.

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