I had a bicycle accident

You should buy a pair of headphones.

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I got a new bicycle this year and I have almost wiped out a couple times. Being a new bike it handles and reacts differently than my old bike. They are different styles of bicycles

You shouldn’t ride a bicycle with headphones in

He needs all senses aware when riding. Hearing is an important one

Some people do ride with earbuds in. It’s a bad idea IMO

That what a nurse said me. I should get some hands free system, but my phone is so old that there are no hands free options for my phone. I just need to stop when I talk on my phone with somebody.

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Perhaps you are right! I just ordered a pair but I’m going to use them while walking.

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I’m glad it was minor

I was like you. Didn’t want a smart phone. I barely used my old phone either. Then my mom bought me a smart phone as a gift. Now I can’t live without it. I can download apps that are useful. Like apps for ordering bus- tickets, I do my banking, I have Spotify etc. There is an app for everything.

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Get better friend!

I have Apple Music and love it

Well, I’m used to it now. But getting unlimited access to iTunes for $5.99 a month was quite a big deal.

Back in ‘06ish I used to pay $10-$13 for an album download off of iTunes. Now music is practically free

I’m glad you’re OK @mjseu and that your knee injury isn’t too bad. Do you wear a bicycle helmet?

Yes, I wear my bicycle helmet.

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hey matey. Never a good thing. I came off my bike recently after going around a narrow dead end street. Happened so quick I didn’t even have time to brake till I was about to go over a drain grate. Somehow survived but it really was a wake up call. It’s hard out there so keep concentrating when your riding. I was probably going 15 km/h and it could have been way worse!

I almost wrecked going about 25mph on my road bike this year. I drifted off of the road onto the shoulder at high speeds. Thank god there was no lip on the shoulder or I’d have crashed for sure.

Hope you recover fully and quickly, @mjseu :sunny:

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