I had a bicycle accident

I was on my phone talking with my mother when I rode my bicycle. I lost control of my bicycle and then I fell. I hurt my knee so much that I need to go to the hospital now regularly to treat my knee. It is not bleeding any longer. It could have been worse, I did not break any bones and luckily I did not ride fast, but it still was a shock.


Outch. Sorry to hear that @mjseu .

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Glad your OK


:frowning_face: Better not use your phone while riding anymore. Glad you weren’t too badly hurt.


Scary but glad it wasn’t even worse!

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Glad you are ok @mjseu

Feel better soon!

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Sorry to hear that.i hope get well soon

Oh my goodness, so sorry this happened to you. Get well soon. Don’t Mom and drive.

I went ass over tea kettle on my bike when I was younger, The front wheel fell off.

It was a garage sale…

My helmet flew off…water bottle went flying…lost my wallet…one shoe came off. I’m lucky I wasn’t killed.

Glad you are okay, there @mjseu!


Sorry to hear that @mjseu. Hope your knee will recover well.

I used to ride my bike to university it was a 1 hour commute. Once I was going downhill and the new breaks were so sharp that I flew in front of the bike. Luckily I was OK.

Be careful out there


there was a young boy nearly did that today on a sharp turn, people forget that sometimes you shouldnt ride a bike on a pavement,

you got to be careful on a bike with both hands on the handle bars and complete concentration on where you are going, sorry about the accident mjseu :hugs: :adhesive_bandage: :biking_man:


Sorry about your knee,

Hope it makes a full recovery.

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Sorry to hear that. Hope you’re able to recover quickly.

I’m glad it’s not worse. What do you have to go to the hospital regularly for? Is it physical therapy?

My knee was just hurt so that it started bleeding and they need to change a bandage in my knee. I was lucky that immediately after the accident I went to the ER and they put the first bandage and scheduled the next appointment at the hospital.


I’m just glad you’re okay get well soon

Are you gonna keep riding your bike?

Yes, I am going to ride my bicycle. I shall just never use my phone while I am riding my bicycle. This accident happened three days ago and after that I have been riding my bicycle quite a lot. I just need to be more careful.


Glad to hear you’re gonna be more careful